A trusted resource for women planning alternative families

About Us

As a pioneer in the field, we are the most experienced and supportive resource for women planning alternative families. We assure you:

  • the nation's largest selection of donors "willing to be known" when a child reaches 18 and a wide choice of anonymous donors
  • ongoing personal support throughout your insemination process in a safe, caring environment
  • and the highest professional standard in sperm donor screening.
  • We exceed the requirements of the FDA and are licensed by the health departments of California and New York. New York has the most stringent requirements of any state, equal to those of the American Association of Tissue Banks.

Sherron Mills, N.P.
founder and president of PRS

A Pioneering Resource For Alternative Families

Pacific Reproductive Services was founded in 1984 specifically to serve the special needs of women planning alternative families - whether single or partnered and regardless of sexual orientation.

While lesbians were most urgently in need of a progressive sperm bank in the face of widespread public and medical discrimination, PRS recognized that all women who wished to become mothers outside the traditional married, heterosexual model also often faced significant barriers and limited support. In too many cases, this is still the reality today.

Our Sperm Bank Provides A Truly Supportive Environment

For a woman planning an alternative family, a sperm bank that is fully supportive and understanding of her unique needs can make the insemination process easier.

Pacific Reproductive Services understands the societal, cultural, legal and financial issues all types of families face in the decision to pursue artificial insemination with donor sperm. Our mission and commitment is to provide a warm, caring environment particularly sensitive to women forming alternative families.