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How to Bank Sperm for Future Use

To Help Ensure Fatherhood Remains An Option

Because some medical treatments and procedures can result in temporary or permanent male infertility, an increasing number of physicians are encouraging men to "bank" their sperm for possible future use.

For the man who may want to become a father in the future, our Sperm Account service helps provide this opportunity.

About Our Company

Pacific Reproductive Services is a leading provider of sperm banking services. We are highly experienced in semen collection, analysis, freezing and insemination. Over the years, we have consistently exceeded the quality standards set by national medical peer group organizations.

Our staff is specially trained in the sophisticated techniques necessary to help achieve success in the sperm banking process. We also place strong emphasis on providing a comfortable, relaxed environment for our clients.

About Our Services

Who is Sperm Account designed for?
Sperm Account is designed for men with cancer who are going to have radiation or chemotherapy, for men planning to have vasectomies, or for situations that require that a man’s sperm be used in a reproductive procedure, such as Artificial Insemination or In Vitro Fertilization.

Why bank my sperm if I will be having chemotherapy or radiation?
Cancer treatments often result in temporary or permanent loss of sperm production or quality. Also, cancer itself, like any systemic illness, can also produce these results.

Why bank my sperm if I'm planning to have a vasectomy?
It's not uncommon for a man to change his mind about wanting children later in life. Circumstances can shift with the loss of children or a remarriage following divorce or the death of a spouse. Also, vasectomy reversals are often ineffective, resulting in poor sperm quality and motility.

When should I start banking sperm?
Ideally, you should allow enough time in advance of your medical procedure to make several sperm deposits for each child. The exact number of deposits required varies due to factors such as age, health status and sperm count and motility. The supply should be sufficient to allow for the fact that it typically takes several inseminations for a woman to become pregnant using frozen sperm. For men who can make only one or two deposits prior to treatment, such advanced assisted reproductive procedures as in vitro fertilization (IVF) can make pregnancy possible.

What's involved?
Allow 45 minutes for your first visit and about 30 minutes for each subsequent appointment. The initial appointment includes time for a deposit and a consultation to evaluate how many visits will be required to produce an adequate sperm supply. Within two days, a small fraction of your specimen will be thawed and examined to determine the number of surviving sperm and the their motility. That information will help us decide if an adjustment is advised in the number of deposits initially planned.

How Do I Prepare To Make A Sperm Deposit?
See Preparing To Make A Sperm Deposit.

How is sperm freezing done?
See Some Facts About Sperm Freezing & Insemination.

What about cost?
We make every effort to make our services affordable. See Our Services and Fee Schedule. What geographic areas do you serve? We have fully-staffed offices in San Francisco and Pasadena, making our services available to large parts of Northern and Southern California. Both offices are open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and Saturday mornings by appointment.

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